Project Description

Uae: Building The Shah – Habshan – Ruwais Line And Upgrading The Turin-Padua Line For Ansaldo STS S.p.A


Ansaldo STS S.p.A., an Italian corporation established in 1995 in Genoa, has been operating under its current name and business structure since 2006, especially in the fields of rail and metro transport systems.



Building a railway line for freight transport, with prospects for using the line for transporting also passengers, running from the gas extraction site in the country’s south to the Port of Ruawis.


SITE S.p.A., as a subcontractor, installed signalling systems along the 256 Km long “Shah – Habshan – Ruwais” railway line. The line connects the gas extraction site in the country’s south to the Port of Ruawis. SITE S.p.A. installed the signalling systems. The line was inaugurated in 2015.

The signalling system included an ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) Level 2 system, based on a multi-station ACC system (centralised control system), 1 Radio Block Centre (RBS), 400 Balises, 65 switch boxes and 150 Axle Counters.

Building the “Shah – Habshan – Ruwais” railway line was part of the bigger “Union Railway” project, to run a total of 1,100 km in the Arab Emirates and 2,177 km in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.


The main advantage enjoyed by the client was having a single-stop company, SITE S.p.A., to manage the project “on-site”, with system integration capabilities and therefore able to oversee design, testing and commissioning operations right from the field.


SITE S.p.A. is set to take part also in the building of the “Union Railway” line. With its extensive experience acquired in the Italian and international railway sector, the company has become a world leader in the fields of telecommunications and energy as well as in that of managing integrated railway technologies.


Establishing interoperability along the Lisbon-Kiev European Corridor railway lines by installing ERTMS/ETCS L 2 (European Rail Traffic Management System/European Train Control System Level 2) signalling systems.


The biggest technological contract in Italian Railway history, following the high-speed rail projects, was awarded to a temporary joint venture led by Ansaldo STS with SITE as second-ranking share holder.

The plan calls for a technological upgrade of the Turin-Padua railway line. The project will involve the company in pluri-annual pluri-technological activities focused on installing innovative signalling systems. This project will be a new production start-up for SITE. The range of railway safety products developed by SITE in its Ozzano branch will be thus extended to include Inductive Connections, which SITE licensed from Ansaldo. Another incentive for professional expansion came from this technical offer, considering that facing such a vast and complex project, Italian Railway (RFI) required that suppliers prepare and provide also the Final Project Plan.


Thanks to this technological upgrade, to establish interoperability along the Lisbon-Kiev European Corridor railway line, regional and commuter traffic will see a lot of benefits too – including greater regularity of service, more efficient ancillary services, better maintenance and reduction of infrastructure costs.

The successful execution of this project offers SITE an opportunity to participate in technological upgrade work in other sections of the Lisbon-Kiev European Corridor.

Employed technologies

  • Multi-station ACC system
  • Innovative Automatic Block
  • SCMT (Railway Control System) based on data exchanged among field equipment units.