Project Description

Site builds for Asco Holding S.p.A. the most advanced server farm in Italy in S. Lucia di Piave


AscoTLC, a subsidiary of Asco Holding S.p.A.® (89% shareholder) with other institutional shareholders, offers organisations, companies and individuals the most powerful and innovative Internet, data storage and security technologies.


Due to corporate expansion, the client needed a new strategic data centre that would be based on a first-class logical and physical infrastructure. The design, in particular, had to take into account the requirements for high reliability associated with the type of business clients that AscoTLC work with.


SITE contributed significantly to overcoming the digital divide in the Treviso area. The turnkey project for AscoTLC, building the most advanced server farm in Italy in Santa Lucia di Piave (TV), required expertise in a multitude of fields: from civil and structural works to mechanical and electrical works, from security systems to supervision and monitoring systems that could control the sophisticated technologies used in that farm.

SITE took on itself the responsibility of converting an old building that had stood in disuse for years, completely renovating it architecturally. SITE also completed the entire advanced and stylish finishing work involving the data centre outdoor and indoor spaces. The impressive steel structure built in conformance with the latest anti-seismic standards is the true skeleton of the data centre.

A highly-secure vault for the protection of companies’ digital assets which guarantees maximum uninterrupted provision of all services.

A guarantee that can be offered thanks to the fact that all systems are redundant, i.e. duplicate: from air conditioning systems, transformers, uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators to electrical panels and outlets that power individual server racks. This set-up allows the data centre to run completely autonomously – that is, to continue operating even following power supply or air-conditioning system failures – and to perform system maintenance without needing to stop the machines.

The real advantage that SITE was able to grant this project was technological. Three data centre rooms were set up with suitably powered and wired cabinets, fed by ultra-fast fibre optic connections ready for use by all customers. Air conditioning and ventilation systems, too, were installed in all rooms, as were heat recovery systems for greater energy efficiency, electrical power systems for machinery and lighting, and all other utilities. Priority lines and uninterrupted service lines were installed as well to render the data centre “heart” immune to power disruptions or blackouts. All of it is controlled, regulated and monitored in real time by latest-generation supervision systems. It is a true and proper vault with advanced security systems that protect the structure with internal and external sensors and cameras operating 24 hours a day.

Solidity and functionality at the service of the future.


A highly-secure vault for the protection of companies’ digital assets which guarantees maximum uninterrupted provision of all services.

This new building allows the client to significantly expand its customer base thanks to the new available spaces and services, benefiting from a highly-improved energy efficiency – which helps AscoTLC to cut costs drastically.