Project Description

The Municipality of Pescara becomes more secure thanks to SITE

The Municipality of Pescara decided to invest in an urban security innovation project following the Smart City model and, to do so, availed of the support of SITE S.p.A. which, in a technological partnership with Milestone Systems and BriefCam, was responsible for enhancing the city’s video surveillance network to make it more secure and more liveable.


The municipality of Pescara is the most populous area in the Abruzzo region and has a very modern appearance, characterised by urban architecture from the early 20th century. Known as the city of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, today it is a vast metropolitan area that is increasingly open to welcoming new technologies and entering the panorama of Italian Smart Cities.


With this urban security project, the Municipality of Pescara set out to expand the areas and monitoring activities throughout the municipal territory, also enhancing the control of the areas most susceptible to criminal acts, vandalism, damage and illegal dumping of waste.

More specifically, the main goals of the project were to:

  • increase the protection of public property against vandalism
  • intensify urban traffic monitoring;
  • detect risky public safety situations in advance, so as to better protect citizens and support the work of the police during their investigation phases.
  • adopt a centralised and innovative system, equipped with intelligent video analysis, self-learning and advanced diagnostics functions, capable of activating alarms, detecting dangerous events in advance and integrating all the cameras, including those already present in the area.


The video surveillance system of the City of Pescara already had 162 cameras before the project began, but it was not centralised, which limited not only the timeliness of local police interventions, but also the possibility of creating synergies between the information provided by camera video streams and by citizens’ reports.

To meet the needs of the City of Pescara, SITE proposed and installed the following solutions:

  • Hikvision E Targasystem cameras, high-resolution (4K) tools for monitoring urban security and traffic violations.
  • VMS XProtect Expert version of Milestone, compatible with a large number of devices, which allows video management by integrating third-party cameras.
  • BriefCam Video Analysis Software Application, a video analysis tool that allows you to review hours of video in just a few minutes while simultaneously viewing events that occurred at different times.
  • Kireti Smart City Platform, Supervision and Control Software, based on PSIM paradigm. It is a platform developed by SITE engineering that integrates different applications and security devices, allowing for all incoming data to be monitored and correlated in one single interface.
  • Server Storage of the Control Room, data storage system.


The upgrading of the video surveillance network (170 new smart cameras), the modernisation and integration of the existing 162 cameras, together with the creation of a state-of-the-art Control Room equipped with the KIRETI Smart City supervision software platform and other subsystems, will ensure the local Pescara police and the municipal administration considerable advantages, including:

  • Access to a user-friendly Control Room, which can be managed simultaneously by several police officers, in addition to the local police.
  • A geolocalisation system to identify critical events and the location of patrols in the area of the municipality.
  • A professional video analysis system – with Milestone Systems and BriefCam solutions – that guarantees a quick study of the images collected by all the devices installed in the field.
  • Quick access to video surveillance footage for all operators on duty, including those on patrol, via mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).
  • Live and playback video streams from all new and existing video surveillance systems.
  • Precise and reliable monitoring of the city’s road accesses and optimum urban traffic management with the new license plate reading system.
  • Constant operation of all the devices that make up the system, equipped with a dedicated monitoring system (cameras, switches, servers, etc.).
  • A scalable and flexible system that can be enhanced with additional functions over time.