Project Description

Coriant entrusted site with the construction of its clouditalia data centre

SITE’s proven experience and ability to design and build technological systems for data centres has contributed to the success of Coriant, building the first Italian data centre equipped with the innovative Hybrid Switching solution (Coriant mTera Universal Transport Platform), commissioned by Clouditalia for providing more flexible, scalable and performing cloud and telecommunications services.


Coriant, an international provider of SDN-enabled and end-to-end networking and transport solutions, has offered Clouditalia the best technological innovation available on the market, to improve the quality of cloud services and data connectivity which Clouditalia offers its business customers, with the goal of improving the performance, flexibility, efficiency and reliability of its infrastructure throughout the national territory. Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni S.p.A., Coriant’s client, offers telecommunications and cloud integrated services to small- and medium-size companies, benefiting also from its proprietary fibre optic network of about 15,000 km and 3 modern and autonomous data centres (Arezzo, Milan, Rome) communicating with each other using a dedicated proprietary line.

Business objective:

Il cliente, per aggiornare il proprio Data Center di Roma alle attuali esigenze e renderlo scalabile per i futuri sviluppi ha deciso di migrare l’esistente in una nuova location, completamente da allestire. L’obiettivo è stato quello di adeguare l’infrastruttura e l’impiantistica in termini di alimentazione e condizionamento al fine di raggiungere la massima efficienza in ottica di risparmio energetico e al contempo garantire la sicurezza del servizio di disaster recovery.


The data centre was built over an area of approximately 500 sq m within a prestigious building complex where SITE S.p.A. executed the works required for ensuring the maximum reliability of the data centre, relying on system redundancy (applied to both power supply to servers, providing 2 voltage levels – 48V DC and 230V AC – as well as cooling) and fire and flooding detection systems. The desire to reduce consumption dictated certain technical choices such as the use of a heat recovery system with high-efficiency cooling circuit, the use of latest-generation Vivila LED lighting units and an energy monitoring system able to meter and save consumption amounts of each individual user of the housing service.