Project Description

SITE, with E-Distribuzione, completes a delicate operation at the bottom of the sea, in the waters of the splendid gulf of Naples

The operation carried out by SITE on behalf of E-Distribuzione took place in an unusual but also very fascinating scenario: in the middle of the sea, in the waters of the Gulf of Naples, close to the beautiful islands of Ischia and Procida. A complex undertaking that once again shows the great value of SITE and its ability to take on new challenges not only on land, but also in extraordinary conditions such as these.


E-Distribuzione is an Italian company operating in the electricity Distribution and Metering sector. The company serves more than 31.5 million customers and manages more than 1,100,000 km of network on the national territory, reaching more than 7,400 municipalities. Its mission is to generate and distribute energy to the country, while respecting safety, people’s health and safeguarding the environment. E-Distribuzione’s network provides energy also through submarine structures that connect the mainland to Italy’s smaller islands; one of these is Ischia, where the delicate intervention of repairing an underwater cable took place together with SITE’s team of experts.


The work, which took place in the waters of the Gulf of Naples between Procida and Ischia, set out to repair an undersea cable about 15 kilometres long, connecting the island of Ischia to the mainland and allowing Medium Voltage distribution of energy. A fault had been detected on the structure, called 7Ischia, about 3,100 metres away from the cabin, probably due to damage caused by illegal anchoring and fishing activities carried out with trawling equipment. This intervention was also strictly necessary in view of the approaching summer season, when there is an increased need for power on the islands, given the greater concentration of tourists.


The operation involved a crew of about 20 people, including sailors, technicians, splicers and experienced divers from SITE who replaced about 500 metres of cable and made two special underwater joints. The work took about 30 days, given the complexity, not only in the search for fault, but also in the actual execution of the repair. Once again, SITE worked, together with the client Enel, with great professionalism and competence at the service of the territory and its communities.