Project Description

Iliad chooses SITE S.p.A. to design their radio mobile networks

SITE S.p.A. started to work with Iliad in 2018, when the French company expanded their business in Italy and decided to invest in the development of their proprietary network. Since then, SITE has contributed towards designing their radio mobile networks and, thanks to its skills and years of experience in the field, has quickly become Iliad’s Best Partner.


Iliad is a French provider of telecommunication services. It is based in Paris and its operations comprise fixed and mobile telephony services, internet access and hosting services. Since 2016 the company has been present in Italy, with two headquarters in Rome and Milan and 11 offices throughout the country. Today, Iliad is currently operating in France, Italy and Poland, has around 40.8 million users in Europe and holds a 10.5% share of the Italian market.

Aim of the project:

In 2018, SITE started working on this turnkey project for the implementation of mobile network coverage in 4G and 5G technology, including design,  obtaining permits and activation of BTSs. The project aims to build radio mobile networks all over the country, involving all branches from Milan to Palermo.


Since 2018, SITE has been carrying out the following activities for Iliad:

  • Research and sites acquisition;
  • Requesting and obtaining permits;
  • Designing the infrastructure for radio mobile networks;
  • Installation, testing and commissioning BTSs;
  • Installation, testing and commissioning microwave;
  • LOS (line of sight);
  • Infrastructure maintenance (also working at height).


Since 2018, SITE has achieved great results: building 200 LOSs, 300 mobile links, 100 new sites and 5,000 new BTSs and commissioning for Iliad. Moreover, SITE is the only supplier that performs preventive and corrective infrastructure maintenance on approximately 700 sites owned by Iliad each year.

Thanks to SITE’s work, today Iliad offers high-quality mobile telephony services and has over 8 million users in Italy.