Project Description

Video Surveillance
In Apulia For
per il The Ministry Of
The Interior

Ministry of the Interior – Department of Public Safety

A need to have better control over high crime areas.


The overall objective of the “Security for Development – Convergence Objective 2007-2013″ National Operational Programme (NOP) was to improve security, rule of law and justice for the benefit of residents and businesses in regions where crime severely impede economic development. SITE was responsible for the Apulia region turnkey part of the project, planning and installing a good 19 urban video surveillance systems connected to local, provincial and regional operating rooms, as well as to the various police forces, national (State Police and Carabinieri) and local (Municipal Police). This project was of special interest for SITE, as it offered a way to express the values that had always guided the company. The project’s operational complexities, due to the need to build an integrated video surveillance network that covered 19 cities spread throughout the region (installing a total of over 600 field devices), required great design and process management skills. The company’s Engineering Office, Planning Department and all the most important technical offices were involved in this big multi-system and technologically advanced project.

Employed technologies:

The main project steps were:

  • Building a telecommunications fibre optic network;
  • Using an existing fibre optic DWDM backbone for connecting the different cities;
  • Designing and building PDH and HiperLAN radio links to nodes that cannot be reached by optical fibres and/or that are located in certain areas;
  • Completing a design study aimed at improving network performance, reliability and redundancy to fulfil or exceed the strict project requirements;
  • Building local and central equipment rooms and control rooms for operating the system and for data processing;
  • Integrating the new equipment with the management and diagnostic systems already installed at the client’s premises.

Using the over 600 surveillance devices distributed throughout Apulia, the police now have at their disposal an additional effective instrument for improving security in areas where businesses operate. This is achieved by combating crime against production companies (in urban and suburban areas, industrial areas) and transport infrastructures (major roads, ports, airports), and by fighting the elements that undermine free competition among companies (counterfeiting, etc.), all in order to promote, together with an harmonious, balanced and sustainable development of business activities, a high degree of competitiveness and a general improvement in the standard and quality of life.

All the systems installed and built by SITE were designed to be easily expanded, which has already allowed, and will allow, the Ministry of the Interior to expand local video surveillance systems according to the needs arising in the territory.