Project Description

Energy efficiency and new lighting for the Trenitalia plant of Milano Martesana

Trenitalia SpA has always pursued a corporate policy aimed at environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. For this reason, the company decided to invest in a LED relamping and Smart Lighting project together with SITE, which led to the conversion of all lighting installations to modern VIVILA LED Technology and the adoption of the KIRETI Smart Lighting platform. Now, Trenitalia is equipped with a new intelligent lighting system that further optimises energy consumption, maintenance activities and raises the safety standards of the facility and its operators.



Trenitalia S.p.A. is a company wholly owned by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and it is the primary train operator in Italy. Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa trains undergo daily inspections, maintenance and cleaning after each journey. These activities are carried out in only five specialised facilities throughout Italy: Vicenza, Naples Gianturco, Milan Martesana, Rome San Lorenzo and Venice Mestre. The IMC ETR area in Milano Martesana is open 365 days a year and covers a total area of about 125,000 square metres shared between Frecciarossa trains on about 75,000 square metres and Intercity trains on about 50,000 square metres. Trenitalia has already made a commitment in the past to invest in renewable resources by equipping the Martesana plant with a photovoltaic system of about 1.7 kW and capable of supplying about 70% of the energy required to meet the production needs of the entire facility.


In order to meet the objectives set out in Trenitalia’s corporate policy, SITE has committed itself to:

  • equip the IMC plant in Milano Martesana with a single system to simplify the management of lighting, through a monitoring system capable of collecting information and data on their consumption and operation;
  • provide comfortable and efficient lighting in workspaces with a targeted and flexible use of artificial light;
  • automate the switching on and off of the lighting devices based on the presence or absence of personnel on duty to optimise electricity consumption and make work areas safer;
  • detect any malfunctions of the lighting devices in order to carry out more efficient and timely maintenance operations.


Thanks to its multidisciplinary skills in the fields of electrical installations, systems and engineering for building automation, SITE successfully completed the entire project.

After the LED relamping activity of about 1,800 lighting bodies, SITE focused on the installation and configuration of the KIRETI Smart Lighting platform, that will allow remote access to every area of the plant to manage lighting, monitor energy consumption and process reports and statistics.


Thanks to SITE’s work, Trenitalia Spa now has an advanced tool that can manage lighting intelligently, monitor energy consumption in real time and guarantee greater visual comfort for staff working in offices, warehouses, workshops, tracks, etc.

The annual energy consumption is expected to reduce up to 20% – 30% thanks to the automation of the system that can adjust the luminous fluxes of the LED lamps by balancing the intensity according to the natural light detected by the sensors installed.